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An accessible version of the project with the associated controls over the accessibility features is available for the HTML/PC published version of the project only. Depending on which options you choose, the learner will be given the choice of whether to run a standard version of the course or an accessible one which will have the following accessibility features:

  • use of the 'tab' key to move the focus from one screen element to another.
  • screen elements will be highlighted when they have the focus.
  • if graphical buttons have been used within the project they will be replaced with the alternative 'description' text associated with the graphical image used for button.
  • 'dynamic focus shifting' - for example, if a 'confirm' button is selected then the focus automatically shifts to any sub screen which is displayed as a result.
  • the display and behaviour of a variety of features will be adjusted for accessibility. For example, Select From List (SFL) and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) assets will be displayed as HTML 'form elements' to make them more accessible.


Advanced accessibility.png


Attribute Values Description Platform support
HTML iOS Android BlackBerry
Accessible version
  • Show
  • Hide
Gives the learner the option of selecting a 'standard' or 'accessible' version of the project on launch through an accessibility choice page. If this option is not selected then the initial standard/accessible choice page will not be shown and the menu page will be the first screen displayed when the course is launched. X
Accessibility choice page font
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Colour
Font settings for the text shown on the accessibility choice page:
  • Size: The size in px of the text, e.g., 12
  • Weight: Sets the weight (or boldness) of the font. Values can be: normal, bold, bolder, lighter or an integer between 0-900
  • Colour: This property describes the foreground colour of an element's text content. This can be a hex reference e.g. #FFFFFF or a colour name e.g. white
Accessibility choice page background
  • Image
  • Colour
  • Opacity
A background image can be selected for the accessibility choice page:
  • Image: Select from an uploaded project image using the Browse button to launch the asset browser.
  • Colour: Describes the background colour of the element. Can be a hex reference e.g. #FFFFFF or a colour name e.g. white
  • Opacity: Value from 0 to 1, where 1 is fully opaque and 0 fully transparent e.g. 0.5.
Accessibility choice page text The text shown on the page where the learner can choose to view the Standard or Accessible version of the project. X
Show settings panel
  • Show
  • Hide
Adds a 'Settings' option for both Standard and Accessible versions of the published HTML course, which displays a panel which allows the learner to select colour contrast schemes, for exampleHigh contrast inverted using yellow text on a black background. X

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