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GoMo 1.6 Release Notes

September 2012

What’s new in this release?

Language support

  • The GoMo authoring interface can now be switched between English and non-English languages. The first language included is Brazilian Portuguese, but the underlying changes to the way GoMo works means that others can easily be added in the future.
  • These language choices are also available as a publishing option for the interface of the HTML player.
  • The GoMo content editor itself now supports extended character sets, allowing courses to be delivered in a wide range of languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


  • There is now detailed control over the look and feel of content published as HTML for desktop browsers, including fonts, menu layouts and navigation bars.
  • The content publishing code has been rewritten and streamlined, resulting in faster HTML publishing of projects.

GoMo editor

  • Grouping of asset types for faster development
  • New ‘audio’ asset type
  • Improved error and warning checking
  • Questions can now have multiple attempts


A range of bug fixes and performance enhancements:

  • Screen swiping turned on for the PC version
  • Video asset: Play button on the video overlay
  • Image asset: Zoomable feature added
  • Accessibility: Settings colour over ride when turned on
  • Accessibility: Transcript on video popup has colour applied

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