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Graphical mcq asset.png Graphical Multiple Choice Questions (Graphical MCQs) can have only one correct answer. The learner selects an answer by clicking on one of the graphic images associated with the question.

Upload the images to be used in the question using the upload files button at the top right of the topic editor screen. Then choose the graphic images to be used for each of the possible answers to the question by clicking the Browse for image files button to the right of the Option src box in each option.

The text you enter into the Image description box will be shown when the course is published as HTML for a desktop browser and the learner rolls the mouse over the image or uses a screen reader.

Indicate which answer is correct by selecting the Is correct button underneath the correct option.

You can also display feedback to the learner by creating sub screens and then assigning them to each of the possible answers using the Option feedback drop down list for each option.

You can specify whether the learner gets one or two attempts at the question using the Attempts drop down list. You can then display feedback using the First incorrect drop down list if two attempts are allowed and the learner selects the wrong answer at the first attempt. Then the second time an incorrect answer is given the Option feedback for that answer will be shown.

You can remove options by clicking the red close box to the right of the option. You can add additional options by clicking the green plus button at the bottom of the list of options.


Attribute Values Description Platform support
HTML iOS Android BlackBerry
ID Unique ID for this asset, related to the screen ID on which it is located. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Column 1/2 If more than one column layout has been set for the screen then the column in which the graphical MCQ asset appears can be selected. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Option X/

Option src

Choose a PNG image to display for the option. X X X X
Option X/Image description The 'alt text' which will be displayed when the mouse is rolled over the image when viewed in a desktop browser. Also used by screen readers. X
Option X/

Option feedback

Select a subscreen to display if this option is selected. X X X X
Option X/

Is correct

Select this checkbox to indicate that this is the one correct answer and when selected will be marked as correct if used in an Assessment topic. X X X X
First incorrect Selects the subscreen to be displayed when two attempts are allowed and an incorrect answer is selected for the first time. The second time an incorrect answer is given the Option feedback for that answer will be shown. X X
Attempts 1 (default) or 2 Specifies whether either one or two attempts at answering the question are allowed. X X
Sub screens button Launches Sub screens inspector N/A N/A N/A N/A

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