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Video walk through

You can either watch the video below, or follow the step by step instructions on the page beneath it.


So you’ve added text, graphics and maybe even video to your app. What else can you do?

Well – what about adding clickable hotspots and sub-screens? Great for giving feedback or providing additional information on an image!

4 1.png

Let’s start with this organisational chart. I want to explain each role. So I need to put a hotspot on each role and add a sub-screen to it

Adding sub-screens

Let’s start with the sub-screens. I’ll click on the graphic, and then select the Sub screens button in the Image Inspector panel.

4 2 rev.png

Editing sub-screens

You can add as many sub screens as you need by clicking the plus sign to add a screen, and then adding assets to it as normal.

4 3 rev.png

On closing the sub-screen viewer by clicking the 'X' at the top right of the sub screen inspector, this icon next to the graphic appears to tell me that there are sub screens for this graphic:

4 3 2 rev.png

Adding hot spots

But at the moment, we don’t know when the sub screens should appear. So, I need to attach the right sub screen to the right part of the image by adding hotspots.

I’ll click on the image again, and this time click the Hot spots button in the Image Inspector panel.

4 4 1 rev.png

Adding and positioning hotspots is really easy, just click the Add button and drag the hotspot to the right place. Re-size it from the bottom-right corner.

4 4 2 rev.png

Now I’ve added a hotspot, I can assign it to one of my sub-screens using the Sub screen drop-down list and then clicking the Apply button.

4 4 3 rev.png

View on app

Let’s see what this looks like on the GoMo Review app

The user selects this area of the graphic and the sub-screen appears giving them more information. It’s as easy as that!

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