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Video walk through

You can either watch the video below, or follow the step by step instructions on the page beneath it.


Questions are a great way of making your app fun and interactive. You can use questions in assessments, but you can also add them in linear content too, and that’s what this demo is about.

Adding MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)

I’ve already added the text of my question, so now I need to add the options. It’s just like adding any other asset - simply click the green plus icon on the screen, and this time select MCQ.

5 2 rev.png

Editing text options and assigning correct answer

You can enter up to four text options in the Inspector, and indicate the right answer by clicking the Is Correct radio button.

5 3 rev.png

In this example I only want two possible answers, so I can remove the third and fourth options by clicking on the close ('X') buttons to the right of the options:

5 3 1.png

Applying to screen

When I click ‘Apply’, the options are added to the screen. This is now a fully-functioning question (the tick and the cross show me which answer I've labelled as being correct).

5 4 rev.png

But what about providing more feedback on the user’s choice? Simple – just add sub screens by clicking the Subscreens button in the MCQ Inspector and create them like we did in the Hotspot example above.

5 4 2 rev.png

Now all I need to do is attach the right sub screen to the right option, by choosing from these drop-down lists and then clicking the Apply button.

5 4 3 rev.png

Let’s see what this looks like using the Review app.

When I choose the right option, I get the correct feedback! Perfect.

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