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In this demo, I’m going to show you how to edit linear content for your app. It’s likely that most of your app will be made up of one or more linear content items. Linear content is a tutorial or section which contains a series of screens. These screens can contain graphics, video, text and questions. These assets can be added in any order – the choice is yours!

One important thing to remember is that, while you can have questions in a linear tutorial, you can’t track or score them.

Launch editor

So let’s get started. To begin, select Launch Editor next to your linear item.

3 2.png

Adding a new screen

The first task is to add a screen by clicking the green plus sign.

3 3.png

Multiple screens, ordering screens

You can add as many screens as you like by clicking the green plus icon.

You can also change the order of your screens using these arrows.

3 4 rev.png

To add or edit anything on screen, you’ll use the ‘inspector’. The inspector automatically changes when you click on a screen element or asset.

I’ll start by giving my screen a title. To do this, I’ll click on the title bar. As you can see, the inspector has changed to the ‘Screen Inspector’ and allows me to enter a new title. I can also add in some notes about this screen ,if I want, to help other people who may also be editing this project. The Meta data section isn't currently used.

3 4 2 rev b.png

Now I’m ready to start adding content to my screen. One word of warning though – remember to keep saving your work by clicking the save topic button regularly. If you close the browser window without clicking save, your work will be lost.

3 4 2 a.png

To add any item, whether it’s a piece of text, a graphic, video or question, simply click the green plus icon within the screen.

The inspector offers you seven types of asset. I’ll start with a text field.

3 4 3 rev.png

The inspector has now become the Text Inspector. I’ll type the text I want to include, assign a style and then apply it to my screen.

3 4 4 rev.png

You can build up additional assets in the same way, by clicking the plus signs to add a new asset, choosing your asset and then applying it to the screen.

You can also rearrange the order of the assets by clicking on the green up and down arrows to the left of the asset.

3 4 5 rev.png

Now I want to add an image, which is a similar process.

3 4 6 rev.png

The Image Inspector panel appears giving me all the options for the image I'm adding to the screen:

3 4 7 1.png

Clicking on the file browse icon to the right of the Normal field shows me all of the images I have uploaded for this project. If the image I want isn’t there, I can upload it using the upload files button which is located on the right hand side of the toolbar at the top of the screen:

3 4 7 3.png

In this case, I can just select the image I want to use and then click Apply.

3 4 7 2 rev.png

I can resize the image by clicking on it again and then changing the value in Scale and clicking the Apply button. Remember, it’s best to have high-quality images displayed at a smaller ratio to allow for quality zooming.

3 4 8 rev.png

Adding a video is just the same – click the plus sign, select Video in the Add new asset panel, search for your video and thumbnail files using the Video Inspector panel, and then click the Apply button.

3 4 9 rev.png

You can even preview the video by clicking the Play current file button under the video filename.

So that’s about it for adding text, images and videos. If you've got the GoMo preview app installed on a mobile device you can try out the course you've created so far.

Looking good! There’s lots more you can do though – like adding questions, or adding hotspots to your images and linking them to sub screens. Check out some of the other sections to find out more!

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