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Video walk through

You can either watch the video below, or follow the step by step instructions on the page beneath it.


So you’ve created your new project and it’s time to set up the project structure. Just because you’re creating a single app doesn’t mean you can only have one part to your app – in fact, you can have as many items as you like! Let me show you how it’s done.

Adding a new item

I’m going to start by creating an introductory section for my app. I’ll click create new project item to create the new item.

2 2.png

Filling in the project item edit field

You’ll need to complete this screen every time you create a project item. I’ll give my item a name and select the header image and the images that will appear on the menu for this section.

Adding an image is done really simply by browsing for the asset you require.

2 3.png

Parent item field

The Parent item field helps you to set up the structure of the app, by relating items to one another. We’ll come back to this later.

2 4.png

Create/update project item

I’m now ready to add my new item by clicking create/update project item.

2 5.png

The new item has been added to the project. Because I know that the Introduction is actually going to contain two topics, I need to add another level using exactly the same process.

2 5 2.png

Parent field

I want this item to be part of the introductory section. To do this, I’ll assign the Introduction as the ‘Parent’ of the new item using this drop-down field and updating.

2 6.png

Structure – indentation

The indent shows that my new item, Key messages, has been added as a child element to the Introduction section. I’ll just add the other elements of my app now.

2 7.png

I’ve set up my course structure, so I’m ready to start adding content. This is the fun bit where you get to decide what goes into your app!

2 7 2.png

Adding content to items

To do so, go back into one of your items by clicking Edit. I’m going to add content to the ‘Key messages’ item.

2 8.png

Content creation

Back at the ‘Key messages’ edit screen, there are two more options available – Create Assessment content or Create Linear content.

2 9.png

It’s worth taking a minute to explain the differences between these two things.


Let’s start with the second option. Creating linear content allows you to produce a linear tutorial or section. You can still have questions in a linear tutorial, but you can’t track or score them. Linear sections have ‘swipe’ navigation, allowing the user to move forwards and backwards between screens.

If you want to create a quiz or test, the assessment is your best option. This allows you to create a scored quiz, starting with an introduction and ending in a results screen. The navigation in an assessment is slightly different, on answering a question the learner will be taken straight to the next screen. This means that every screen after the introduction has to contain a question, and the user won’t be able to move between screens at will.

You can find out more about this in the sections on editing linear and assessment content.

Linear content

Back to my ‘Key messages’ tutorial. For this item, I want to create linear content.

2 11.png

On selecting this option, you can see I’ve got the option to go straight into the editor and get started if I wanted to.

2 11 2 rev.png

But first of all I’ll quickly show you how this looks back on the project items screen. Click the create/update project item button towards the top left of the screen.

Course structure

2 12.png

Here you can see the new linear content for the Key messages tutorial. It’s currently marked as EMPTY with a red hand to show that it is unstarted.

To start editing, you’d click Launch Editor - which is covered in another demo.

Before I go – let me show you how the new structure would look in the app. Here you can see the menu, with the chosen skin and structure.

Selecting the Introduction section launches a second menu, where the items within this section are displayed.

That’s it for this section on project structure. Why not have a look at the sections on editing linear and assessment content to find out about adding content to your app.

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