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Text asset.png Add and edit the text that appears on screen. Use the Style drop-down list to apply styles to your text. These styles are defined at a project level by the skin applied to the project.

The following is a list of markup you can add for basic formatting:

Basic font markup

  • [b] [/b] - bold
    • Example: [b]Some text[/b] gives Some text
  • [i] [/i] - italic
    • Example: [i]Some text[/i] gives Some text
  • [bi] [/bi] - bold italic
    • Example: [bi]Some text[/bi] gives Some text
  • [u] [/u] - underline (not supported on the native apps at the moment)
    • Example: [u]Some text[/u] gives Some text

List markup

  • [ul] - start list
  • [li] [/li] - bullet point
  • [/ul] - end list


[ul] [li]Item 1[/li] [li]Item 2[/li] [li]Item 3[/li] [/ul]


  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Image embed markup


Please note, the image will always appear at 100% scale.


To link to a website, use:

[link type="url" name="www.gomolearning.com"]This is a link to a website[/link]


Attribute Values Description Platform support
HTML iOS Android BlackBerry
ID Unique ID for this asset, related to the screen ID on which it is located. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Column 1/2 If more than one column layout has been set for the screen then the column in which the text asset appears can be selected. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Style Body The main style for text content X X X X
Title Style usually having more emphasis in a given skin (e.g. bold) X X X X
Instruction Style used to let the learner know what to do on the screen e.g. "swipe to move on" X X X X
Editable Style used to indicate that the text would need to be changed when copied to another course X X X X
Alignment L,R,C Specifies whether the text is left, right or centre aligned. X X X X
Content The text which will appear on screen. Markup can be included to provide bold, italic text etc and also to provide links to external URLs and other screens.
Sub screens button If the text content contains [link] tags then the subscreens created can be referenced by their IDs so that clicking or tapping the link text will display the associated subscreen. For example: [link type="subscreen" name="1536s00a01sub00"]This should link to a subscreen[/link]

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