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(Note that you need to put the fulll URL with the 'http' part as well)
(Note that you need to put the fulll URL with the 'http://' part as well)

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Text asset.png Add and edit the text that appears on screen. Use the Style drop-down list to apply styles to your text. These styles are defined at a project level by the skin applied to the project.

The following is a list of markup you can add for basic formatting:

Basic font markup

  • [b] [/b] - bold
    • Example: [b]Some text[/b] gives Some text
  • [i] [/i] - italic
    • Example: [i]Some text[/i] gives Some text
  • [bi] [/bi] - bold italic
    • Example: [bi]Some text[/bi] gives Some text
  • [u] [/u] - underline (not supported on the native apps at the moment)
    • Example: [u]Some text[/u] gives Some text

List markup

  • [ul] - start list
  • [li] [/li] - bullet point
  • [/ul] - end list


[ul] [li]Item 1[/li] [li]Item 2[/li] [li]Item 3[/li] [/ul]


  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Image embed markup


Please note, the image will always appear at 100% scale.


To link to a website, use:

[link type="url" name="http://www.gomolearning.com"]This is a link to a website[/link]

(Note that you need to put the fulll URL with the 'http://' part as well)


Attribute Values Description Platform support
HTML iOS Android BlackBerry
ID Unique ID for this asset, related to the screen ID on which it is located. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Column 1/2 If more than one column layout has been set for the screen then the column in which the text asset appears can be selected. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Style Body The main style for text content X X X X
Title Style usually having more emphasis in a given skin (e.g. bold) X X X X
Instruction Style used to let the learner know what to do on the screen e.g. "swipe to move on" X X X X
Editable Style used to indicate that the text would need to be changed when copied to another course X X X X
Alignment L,R,C Specifies whether the text is left, right or centre aligned. X X X X
Content The text which will appear on screen. Markup can be included to provide bold, italic text etc and also to provide links to external URLs and other screens. X X * X
Sub screens button If the text content contains [link] tags then the subscreens created can be referenced by their IDs so that clicking or tapping the link text will display the associated subscreen. For example: [link type="subscreen" name="1536s00a01sub00"]This should link to a subscreen[/link] N/A N/A N/A N/A

* Markup support not currently available

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