In gomo, you don't have to worry about setting the correct fonts and the exact colours on each screen. Instead you can focus on the content and structure of your course and then apply a theme to the entire project to set the look and feel. You can either use one of the standard themes which are already available in your gomo portal, or you can customise them to your exact requirements, for example to reflect brand guidelines. This is really useful if you're collaborating as a team since each team member can work on their own project, or topic within a project, and then everyone can just apply the same theme. The result is a consistent library of courses with no accidental use of the wrong font or off-brand colours.

This short video takes you through the concepts and use of themes including:

  • selecting a standard theme
  • duplicating a theme
  • customising¬†a theme:
    • colours
    • fonts
    • menus
    • navigation bar
    • topic settings
  • applying a theme to a project

Running time: 6 minutes