The knowledge base article “Giving your project its look and feel using gomo themes” explained how you can use one of the standard themes to give your project its overall look and feel, or duplicate and customise one of them and use it across a range of projects. Any changes you make to one of these customised themes will then be reflected in all the projects you’ve associated with that theme so, for example, you can update your corporate branding in one place and all your projects will be updated. 

However, there are times when you might want to start a project with a base theme, but then tailor it for that specific project. You can do this under the Settings tab when you open up the project:

Click on the THEME link on the left hand side to access and click the Customise theme settings button to access and modify the theme for that particular project:

Note: Once you start customising the theme for a particular project you will lose the link with the original theme. Any changes to the original theme won’t be reflected in that project since gomo will assume that you want the project’s customised theme settings to take precedence and not be overwritten by any changes to the original theme.