You can embed content into your Gomo courses with the iFrame asset using the following steps:


  1. Get the embed code from YouTube by right clicking on the clip and selecting Get embed code. For example: 
    <iframe width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  2. Extract the 'src' part :

  3. Now copy this full url into iFrame target url field in the Gomo iFrame asset properties.
  4. Set the width and the height - you can leave this at 100% so it fills the column width, or you can take this from the YouTube embed code, in this example width="640" height="390" 
Tip: If the video doesn't appear when previewing in Gomo, check the browser debug console and see if there are any security alerts which might indicate that the content is somehow being blocked.


This same techniques can also be used for other video streaming services such as Vimeo. You'll need to add https: to the front of the src part of the Vimeo embed code. e.g. 


  should be entered as

 in the  iFrame target url field in the gomo iFrame asset properties.


To embed BranchTrack interactive videos, get the address of the video such as:

and add "embed" at the end to give you the url to use in a Gomo iFrame asset: