The score and completion status sent back to an LMS can be registered in a number of different ways

1. 'Sets course completion' option ticked in the Assessment Results asset

  • If the Is tracked assessment option is checked then the score will be sent back to the LMS at the end of the assessment
  • If Sets course completion is NOT set then completion from a SCORM perspective will be determined by whether the learner visits every screen in every topic in the course.
  • If Sets course completion IS set then completion status sent back to the LMS will be determined by the assessment results. This can be set as either Completed or Pass/Fail in the Type of course completion dropdown.

Note that if completion is determined by the assessment then a dummy, unreachable, screen or topic should be added to the Gomo course to ensure that completion isn't also triggered by the learner visiting every page.

2. Learner visiting every screen in the Course 

3. 'Sets course completion' action added to an interactive asset e.g. Button, Image Button  

Note: if there isn't an assessment in the Course and the Learner doesn't need to visit each screen to Complete then this can be a useful option