Gomo’s not just an authoring tool, we now have the Gomo learning suite with integrated hosting and xAPI analytics. This allows you to leave your courses in gomo and distribute them in a number of ways such as direct link (for email, Twitter, Facebook….), website embed and now via your existing LMS.

With Gomo’s SCORM LMS wrapper, you can embed Gomo courses directly into any SCORM LMS. This is done through the use of our SCORM LMS wrapper file (a tiny file of just 17KB). Once embedded, your courses can be updated instantly without the hassle of republishing, SCORM, Zip, ftp, upload, download etc.... your LMS users will immediately see the new version, saving you hours of time and hassle.  

Best of all, Gomo will track your courses with full xAPI (experience API or Tin-Can) tracking, giving you far richer data than you'll ever get from an LMS. Hosting also utilises Amazon CDN to boost course performance.

The primary benefits of this are as follows:

  • (Almost) instantaneous SCORM publishing. The SCORM wrapper is only around 20KB and can be uploaded to any LMS in seconds. 

  • Simplified and instantaneous deployment of updates... No more having to publish, zip, ftp, upload etc. Once the LMS wrapper is deployed, content edits can be made via Gomo and then when re-published (in Gomo) will automatically appear the next time the course is viewed in the LMS (or anywhere else) 

  • xAPI analytics - in addition to tracking in SCORM via the LMS, xAPI is tracking is automatically enabled and tracked via Gomo Hosting. User IDs are passed through via SCORM so we know who has done what on the course. 

  • Cloudfront distribution - with Gomo hosted content, the content is syndicated around the world using Amazon Cloudfront meaning that it will be loaded from the nearest location to the user. 

A Gomo course embedded into Moodle for instant content updates

Try the Gomo SCORM LMS wrapper in your LMS. Download our sample course here.