When exporting xAPI packages we recommend using them with an LMS/LRS that supports passing endpoint credentials via the URL. For these cases you can choose xAPI tracking with an undefined endpoint at the point of publish, like so:

Alternatively you can select the defined endpoint option and you will be presented with input fields to populate before downloading the pre-configured package.

If you wish to perform dual tracking, SCORM 1.2 and xAPI then this can be achieved using Gomo Hosting and our LMSWrapper solution. When publishing to hosting you have the option to additionally track via a defined xAPI endpoint, like so:

Simply enter the details, publish to hosting, download your LMSWraper package and upload it to your LMS. You will now also have the advantage of instant course updates without the need to re-upload the course to your LMS.

If you do not have Gomo Hosting it is still possible to configure a course for dual tracking but this requires modifications to the published content. 

  • Publish and download a package configured for SCOM tracking

  • Unzip the file

  • Locate the data folder

  • Edit the overrides.json file and modify the following section, adding in the parts highlighted in orange:

"publishSettings": {


        "forceRegistration": false,

        "userRegistration": false,

        "enabled": true,

        "pollingInterval": 30000,

        "stores": [


                "adapter": "scorm",

                "version": "1.2"



                "adapter": "tincan",

                "version": "1.0.0",

                "endpoint": "YOUR_ENDPOINT",

                "username": "YOUR_USER",

                "password": "YOUR_PASS"



        "appendTimestampsToInteractions": false



  • Replace YOUR_ENDPOINT with your LRS endpoint

  • Replace YOUR_USER with your LRS user / identifier / key

  • Replace YOUR_PASS with your LRS password / secret

  • Save the file, re-zip your content and upload to your LMS