The ‘User Registration’ feature is a function incorporated into Gomo Hosting. It enables course owners to set a requirement for Learners to record their name & email address when starting a direct access course.

This feature will increase the quality of Learner data that is recorded within Gomo Hosting and allow for more accurate reporting through the Analytics feature.


To enable the User Registration function please take the following steps;

1. Publish your Course via the ‘Actions’ icon in the Course Structure screen

2. Select Gomo Hosting then Next

3. Select one of the 3 available User Registration options and select Publish

4. Go to Gomo Hosting and open the Course Settings

5. Select Direct Access, ensure the Live Status is set to ‘ON’ & click Update

6. Click View link address

7. The course can then be distributed to Learners via one of the following links;


If Learner Registration is selected the Learner will be presented with the following screen where they will be required to fill in their details to proceed;

This information will then be recorded in your Course's Gomo Hosting dashboard.