You can use Gomo to lock content topics from your course’s Menu topic. If you have a course with more than one content topic, you can set display conditions on the Menu Buttons so that only the 1st topic can be accessed until it is fully complete. Once the 1st topic is complete the 2nd topic will be made available.  

This is achieved by creating two versions of the Menu Buttons (active & inactive) and assigning them different display conditions. Only one set of Menu Buttons will have links to topics and these will only become active once previous topics have been completed.

Part 1 > Setting up display conditions for ‘Active’ Menu Buttons

In this example I have created a Course with 3 content topics

1. Open your course and select the Menu topic

2. There should be one Menu Button for each of the content topic

3. They should already have a link to the Content Topic in the Actions option

4. Click on ‘Content Topic 2’ and open the ‘Set Display Conditions’ option

5. Add a condition so that the button will only be visible once Content Topic 1 is complete

6. Repeat the process for Content Topic 3 but set it to show once topic 2 is complete

7. If you save a preview the course only the link for Content Topic 1 will be visible

Part 2 > Setting up display conditions for ‘Inactive’ Menu Buttons

1. Add two additional Menu Buttons to the screen. Label them Content Topic 2 & Content Topic 3. (To add a Menu button click on Assets > Presentation. You will find the Menu Button asset in the Presentation list)

2. Do not add an Action to these buttons. This will prevent the Learner using them to navigate away from the Menu screen

3. Create a display condition for each new button which will make them visible when the previous topic is not complete


When you save and preview the course, the Menu topic format should look like the screenshot below. If you were to select the buttons for either Content Topic 2 or 3 they wouldn’t take the Learner to those topics. Once the Learner completes Content Topic 1 the Content Topic 2 button will become active. Once they complete Content Topic 2 the Content Topic 3 button will become active.