The following is a basic overview of the Drop Down list question functionality.

Question Asset > Dropdown List 

  1. In your required screen add a 'Text' asset and a 'DropDown List' asset
  2. Input the question you want to ask in the text asset. (In this case "Where is London?")
  3. Double-click on the Dropdown List asset and choose the answers you want to provide in the Answers tab. More than three can be chosen by selecting '+ Add item'
  4. In the Settings you can select the number of attempts that the Learner will be allowed to make & whether they will receive any feedback on their failed attempts.
  5. The 'Final Feedback' option allows the result of the question to link to a sub-screen. e.g. If the learner gets the question correct it will link to an image of a tick. If they get it wrong it will link to an image of a cross.
  6. To add a Sub-Screen, right-click on the main scree (in this case Screen 3) and select 'Add Subscreen'
  7. From the subscreen you can add text/images/videos to suit the response you want


8. Save the changes and preview the project.

9. If you then answer the question and select 'Confirm' then the relevant pop-up will appear