The following guide details how to use Display Conditions to show the answers a Learner got wrong as part of a question bank quiz. With this process only incorrect answers will appear at the end of the quiz. This method can also be applied if you are using multiple question banks e.g if each question bank covers a different subject then you can present the questions answered incorrectly on a subject by subject basis


  • Add your questions to the relevant Content bank/s and add Content Bank Placeholders to your quiz topic

  • On your Assessment Results screen add columns for each of the content banks you have created and add a text asset for each question within the content bank

  • Within each text asset use the variable {{asset_variable.p?????i??s??a??}} to link to the corresponding question in the content bank. In this example the variable will display the answer supplied to the question with asset ID: p43711i13s00a05

  • Once the variable has been defined you will need to set two Display Conditions against each text asset

  • In this example the first condition means that the text asset will only appear if the Learner answers the associated question. (If the question doesn’t appear in the quiz as part of the question randomisation then the text asset will automatically not appear)
  • The second condition means that the text asset will only appear if the Learner answers the question incorrectly as the correct answer (Option 1) has been declared. ** Please note that you will need to replace Option 1 with the correct answer for each of your questions 


When you complete the quiz the Assessment results screen will display only those questions that were both answered & answered incorrectly. The variable will show the incorrect answer that the Learner selected (in this example the learner got Question Bank 1 > Question 2 wrong and had selected Option 3 as their answer)