Creating Tasks for Review

The ‘Tasks’ feature within Gomo allows you to engage with colleagues/stakeholders and work collaboratively during the creation phase of your courses. Whilst designing your content you can assign ‘Tasks’ to Reviewers. A ‘Task’ is a request for a specific individual to review/comment on a screen within your project.


Part 1 > User (Reviewer) setup

1. Firstly you will need to ensure that the person you want to Review the course has access to your Gomo Account. In order to review a course the User can have Administrator, Editor or Reviewer privileges.

2. You can then open your course and in SETTINGS > USER PERMISSIONS ensure they have Access set to 'ON'

Part 2 > Creating a Task

1. Preview your course, select the Tasks tab in the left-hand corner of the screen and select the Add new task 

2. This will open a new task. You can then put instructions for the Reviewer in the Description field. You will also need to select the topic/screen that relates to the task. Finally you will need to select who to assign the task to.  

3. The task will then appear in the Tasks bar

Part 3 > Reviewing a Task

1. Once the Reviewer accesses the course and selects Tasks they will be able to see all tasks assigned to them.

2. For each task there are three options available to Reviewer

  • Selecting Edit will allow them to add notes to the task and set the task status (Not started, Started or Complete)
  • Selecting Preview will take the Reviewer directly to the screen they need to review.
  • Selecting Delete will remove the task from the course

** Please note that the Reviewer will need to log into their Gomo account and access the course directly in order to view/edit their tasks. The ‘Tasks’ feature will not be visible if you send the Reviewer a Share Link for the course