Variables can be used to display the combined results of questions from each of the topics in your course. This can be especially useful if you have a ‘Knowledge Check’ or short series of questions at the end of each topic to ensure the Learner has understood the content. The results of each topic ‘Knowledge Check’ can be displayed in a final results screen at the end of the course

There are two types of variables that can be used within a Text asset to display topic results;

{{gomo_topic_score.p??????i??}} > This would be a numeric field denoting the number of question Assets correctly answered in a given topic

{{gomo_topic_score_as_percent.p??????i??}} > This would be the overall percentage of correct questions as calculated using the above values


To display topic results in a final results screen you can take the following steps;

1. Add questions to screens/topics throughout you course 

2. Create a screen at the end of your final topic to display the topic results

3. Add a Text asset to the screen and enter the relevant variable. In this example the results of the questions within topics 1 & 2 will be displayed as a percentage

4. The code declared after the variable is the topic ID. The topic ID for Topic 1 is p68259i03. The topic ID is shown in the topic thumbnail in the Course Structure screen


At the completion of the course the Learner will be taken to a ‘Results’ that will display the scores they achieved in each topic