Asset Description

The Accordion asset allows you to show a number of title headings on a screen. When you select one of the titles the field will expand to show text associated with that title.


Add an Accordion asset to a content block in your project. Double-click on the Accordion Placeholder to begin adding content to the Accordion

This will load the Accordion Content screen where you can edit the following details;

STEP TITLE: The Title of the step

STEP CONTENT: The content associated with the Step Title

Related Theme Settings

You can edit the text/background colour, font style & size via the theme settings in your project. The following theme settings are linked to the Accordion asset;

STEP TITLE:  Buttons > Standard > Default

STEP CONTENT: Global Settings > Content Fonts > Body Text

ACCORDION TITLE BACKGROUND: Buttons > Backgrounds > Generic > Default

ACCORDION TITLE BACKGROUND (HOVER STATE): Buttons > Backgrounds > Generic > Hover

ACCORDION ASSET BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Backgrounds > Screen content columns