Asset Description

The Comicstrip asset provides an expanding horizontal layout for images and associated text.


Add a Comicstrip asset to a content block in your project. Double-click on the Comicstrip Placeholder to begin adding content to the Comicstrip.

This will load the Comicstrip Content screen where you can edit the following details;

IMAGE: The image being used for each item

ROW: Controls how your Comicstrip appears on screen e.g. setting each item to be Row 1 will show the images horizontally. Setting each item in its own Row will stack the images vertically.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION (ALT TEXT): Description that appears when you hover the mouse over an image

CONTENT: The text that appears when you click on an image. This can either be recorded directly in the ‘Basic’ field (Text Only) OR you can link the content field to a subscreen (This allows you to show text and images)

Related Theme Settings

CONTENT: Global Settings > Content Fonts > Body Text

NUMBER BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Theme colours > Primary Colour

COMICSTRIP CONTENT BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Backgrounds > Sub-screen

COMICSTRIP ASSET BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Backgrounds > Screen content columns

** Please note the Number colour is hard-coded to be white