Asset Description

The Filmstrip asset gives you a vertical layout for text and image content sequences, so you can present your content as a storyboard


Add a Filmstrip asset to a content block in your project. Double-click on the Filmstrip Placeholder to begin adding content to the Filmstrip

This will load the Filmstrip Content screen where you can edit the following details;

STEP TITLE: The name of the step. (This is for design purposes & doesn’t appear when previewing the asset) 

IMAGE: The image associated with each step

IMAGE DESCRIPTION (ALT TEXT): Description that appears when you hover the mouse over an image

GRAPHICS BRIEF: A description of the image being used (This is for design purposes & doesn’t appear when previewing the asset)

BASIC/ADVANCED: The information that accompanies each Filmstrip image. This information appears to the left hand side of the image in the sequence. Use the ‘Basic’ option to show simple accompanying text. Use the ‘Advanced’ option to add text and additional images to the layout


** Please note it is a requirement to populate either the Basic or Advanced fields for each Filmstrip step


Related Theme Settings 

TEXT: Global Settings > Content Fonts > Body Text

TEXT BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Backgrounds > Sub-screen

FILMSTRIP ASSET BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Backgrounds > Screen content columns

NAVIGATION ARROWS: These are hard-coded to the theme being used. For standard themes these buttons are not editable