Asset Description

The Hottext asset gives you a clickable text list that links items to subscreens


Add a Hottext asset to your project by left-clicking on the Hottext asset in the asset list and dragging it into the content block

Double-click on the Hottext Placeholder to begin adding content to the Hottext

This will load the Hottext Content screen where you can edit the following details;

TITLE: The title of the text item

CONTENT: The information that accompanies each Text item. This information appears as a subscreen when the Title is selected. Use the ‘Basic’ option to show simple accompanying text. Use the ‘Advanced’ option to link to a subscreen. This allows you to add text and additional images to the layout

Related Theme Settings

TITLE: This is hard-coded to be white

SUBSCREEN CONTENT: Global Settings > Content Fonts > Body TextTITLE BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Theme colours > Primary ColourTITLE HOVER BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Theme colours > Secondary Colour

SUBSCREEN BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Backgrounds > Sub-screen 

HOTTEXT ASSET BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Backgrounds > Screen content columns