Asset Description

The Image Wall asset allows you to present image-based content as an interactive image gallery. Clicking on an image will display the content full screen and display additional text content which relates to the selected image


Add an Image Wall asset to a content block in your project. To begin adding content to the Image Wall double-click on the Image Wall Placeholder or select the ’Configure Image Wall’ option on the right hand side of the screen

This will load the Image Wall Content screen where you can edit the following details;

IMAGE TITLE: The title that appears when you hover over an image in the gallery and when you view the image in full screen.

IMAGE: The image being used for each item

IMAGE DESCRIPTION (ALT TEXT): Description that appears when you hover the mouse over an image

CONTENT: The text associated with each image. This appears when viewing the image in full screen

Related Theme Settings

IMAGE TITLE: This is hard-coded as White

CONTENT: This is hard-coded as White

FULL SCREEN TEXT BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Theme colours > Primary Colour

IMAGE WALL CONTENT BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Backgrounds > Sub-screen

Design Tip

The Image Wall asset is a great way to display multi-image content. However it can work equally as well with a single image. This can be especially useful if a Learner is required to view an image in greater detail.  An Image Wall asset allows you to achieve this whilst also enhancing the Learner interaction with your course

Note: Only use once per screen