You can use the Countdown Timer to make assets appear on screen after a set amount of time. This can be a useful way of ensuring Learners focus on the content which is on screen before moving onto the next task/screen

In this example we will use the Countdown Timer asset and a Variable to show 'Next' button on a screen

1. Create a variable called 'Next Button' and set the Default Value to be 'Hide'

2. Add a button to the screen with a display condition. In this example the Button will only show when the Variable called 'Next Button' = Show. As the Default Value for the variable is = Hide this means the button will not automatically show on the screen

3. Add a Countdown Timer asset to the same screen. Add an Action to the Countdown timer to set the 'Next Button' variable to = Show

4. When the timer completes the variable will update to be show and this will display the Button