The iFrame asset allows you to embed external content like YouTube videos, Google Maps into your projects


1. Add an iFrame asset to a screen in your project. Find the iFrame asset in the ‘Media’ list & drag the asset into a content block in the screen

2. This will create an iFrame asset. The asset will contain a default gomo YouTube video

3. Get the embed code you would like to add into the asset and copy this into the iFrame target URL field in IFRAME PROPERTIES 

4. Use the Aspect Ratio settings to decide how the iFrame size will be displayed on your screen.  There are four available options. If you choose Freeform this will allow you to define the Width & Height of the iFrame. If you choose any of the other options then you will be able to define the Width of the iFrame but the height will automatically scale based on the ratio you select

5. Use the Border Style option if you want to add a border to the asset

Note: Only the Src element of an embed code is required in the Gomo iFrame asset. For further details please check the following support article: