Each Gomo account will have an assigned Account Owner. If you are the Account Owner for your account then you can manage the User profiles of your colleagues. You can add/remove Users depending on the type of Gomo subscription you have purchased. You can also manage the level of access/capability each User has by assigning them a User role. All this is done via the Team tab. When logging in to gomo an Account Owner will see a 'Team' icon in the top left hand corner of the screen. 

Adding new Users

To create a new User select Actions > Add new user

Once you've added the User's basic details you can edit the following fields; 

  • Avatar - Choose an avatar image that will appear when the User logs in to Gomo
  • Make account owner? -  set this option to be ON if you need to transfer the Account Owner role to one of your colleagues
  • Product Access - choose which Gomo products the User has access to and what level of permissions they have. The following table shows what capability each User role has within gomo.
  • Add user - once you are happy with the details select Add user to create the User profile in your account

Managing existing Users

Once a User has been added to your account the following options become available

  • User details - First name, Last name & Telephone fields can be update (Email address is locked to the User profile)
  • Delete user - remove the User from your account. Their licence can then be assigned to a new User
  • Reset password - this will send a password reset email to the User's email address
  • Update user - update any of the active settings in the Edit User screen and select Update user to confirm

Note: for further information about the Reviewer User role & how to create tasks for them please refer to the following support article - https://gomolearning.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/11000062696-creating-tasks-in-a-project-for-review