The Audio asset allows you to add mp3 content into your projects


1. Add an Audio asset to a screen in your project. Find the Audio asset in the ‘Media’ list & drag the asset into a content block in the screen

2. This will create an Audio asset. The asset will contain a default gomo mp3 file 

3. Add your own mp3 file to the asset by selecting the 3 dot icon next to the Audio filename field in Audio Player Properties. Note: Please ensure the audio filename doesn't contain any spaces between words, special characters or non-English letters as this can prevent the file from playing

4. You can either use the Resources tab to search/select an Audio file that has been uploaded to your Shared Content folder 

5. Or you can use the Upload tab to search/drag&drop a file from your computer directly into the project

6. Use the Media Settings in Audio Player Properties to select whether the audio will autoplay when the screen loads, if the audio asset will be visible & what controls will be available in the asset

7. Use the Transcript option in Audio Player Properties to add a written information relating to the audio asset. When you view the screen a Transcript option will be linked to the asset

8. Use the Audio completed actions option to trigger an action when the audio asset finishes