An Action is a behaviour that is triggered when interacting with with an asset, e.g. an action on a button asset might be to go to another screen within the project or show a sub-screen. 

Below is a list of the available Actions and their functions;

Close subscreensThis will close all open subscreens
External web link Specify an external web address that will load when the Learner clicks on the asset 
Link to a fileLink to a file within your Shared Content folder. Especially useful for linking to pdf files
Link to a screenWhen the Learner selects the asset they will be taken to the specified screen within your project
Mailto Link Send an email directly from your gomo project to a defined email address
Play audio assetWill play an audio asset. The audio asset must be on the same screen as the Action 
Set LanguageIn a multi-language project use this action to switch between languages
Set accessibility stateDefine the type of accessibility that will show on the project
Set course completionThis will send a completion record to Hosting or your LMS 
Set image stateThis action will update an existing image to another one
Set variableIf you have created Variables for your project this action can be used to update them
Show sub-screenThis action will load a subscreen. The subscreen must be on the same screen as the Action