Asset Description 

The Image Markers asset works in a similar way to a Hotspot asset. You can move markers to different locations on an image. Each marker can have Actions assigned to it (e.g. open subscreen).

Markers can also be assigned 3 different displays (Default, Active & Visited) This enables each marker to change once the Learner has interacted with it. The Image Marker asset incorporates a new theme setting called Labs. This allows Users to specifically customise the look of the Markers within the asset.


1. Add an Image Markers asset to a content block in your course.

2. On the right hand side of the screen you will see the ‘IMAGE MARKERS PROPERTIES’. From here you can add the image to be used in your asset. To add an image click on the 3 dots to the right of the image field 

3. Select Set Markers to open the Markers inspector & begin adding markers to the image

4. You can add/remove markers as required within the inspector. To reposition a marker either click and drag to the required location or manually update the Click area position fields. You can alter the size of a marker by clicking and dragging the red dot next to the marker or by altering the Click area size fields. Actions can be assigned to each marker by selecting Set actions. Markers can also be assigned 3 different displays (Default, Active & Visited)

5. Each display can be assigned a different style and this is where the Labs screen is used. 

6. To access Labs: select Course Settings, Theme then Customise theme settings

7. From the Labs screen you can customise 5 different marker styles to show a variety of icons/colours