Learners can be added to your account via Gomo Hosting. Once a Learner has been added they access Gomo Central via your "gomo Central URL" and begin taking courses. The following article details the process for adding Learners to your Gomo account;
1. Open Gomo Hosting and select the Users tab
2. Select 'Actions'. You can then either add an individual Learner (Create new User) OR bulk import Learners (Import Users)
2.a - Create new user
The Create User feature allows you to add a single Learner to your account. You will be required to create a password for the Learner to use. In order for the password to be accepted it will need to meet the following criteria;
  • 6-15 characters¬†
  • Contain a combination of upper/lower case letters & numbers
You can add the Learner to User Access Groups. User Access Groups contain specific Courses from your account. If the Learner is added to a specific group then only the associated Courses will be visible when the Learner logs in to Gomo.

2.b - Import Users
The Import Users feature allows you to bulk import multiple Users into Gomo. You can import your own .xlsx /.csv files or you can create one from the "Example .xlsx" file link provided. 
You can add Learners to User Access Groups through this method. Please note that all Learners in the file will be added to any User Access Groups that you choose here.