Previously when you created project variables to store information for use in your gomo projects (for instance in this job role filter example), any data stored in the variables would be lost when a learner launched your gomo course from an LMS, quit the course and then resumed it.  Now we've added a new feature which will let you choose if what's stored in a variable should be available across LMS sessions:

gomo uses the SCORM "suspend data" mechanism to store variable values. However, the SCORM standard has limits on the amount of data which can be stored in this way. For SCORM 1.2, which is the standard still used by the majority of Learning Management Systems, the maximum suspend data size is 4096 characters. For SCORM 2004 3rd & 4th Editions, both of which are supported by gomo as a publish option, the limit is 64,000 characters. Also bear in mind that gomo also uses suspend data for its bookmarking feature, storing and returning where the learner left a course, so the actual storage available to persistent variables will be less the total limit. Because of this limit you should only switch on persistence for those variables you definitely want to retrieve when a course resumes.