Scenario: Course A contains a default language + Swedish, Norwegian, Danish & Finnish as additional languages 

Objective: Create 4 x Single Language Courses from Course A

  1. Ensure the Course A has all XLIFF translations imported 
  2. Create duplicates of the Course A for each Language and name them appropriately e.g. Duplicate1 = Danish, Duplicate2 = Finnish, Duplicate3 = Norwegian & Duplicate4 = Swedish
  3. In the Danish duplicate, open the Course's Basic Settings & remove all languages apart from Danish and the Default language
  4. Export the XLIFF
  5. Unzip the XLIFF, remove any Default language files & re-Zip the remaining files 
  6. Remove Danish as a 'Selected language' in the Course - Basic Settings (Now only the default language is left in the Course)
  7. Import the Danish XLIFF from step 5 (This will overwrite the default language in the Course and convert it to Single Language = Danish)
  8. Refresh you web browser if the correct translation isn't showing

**You will then need to repeat these steps (substituting Danish for the relevant language) to create Norwegian, Swedish & Finnish versions of the Course