You can update the text that appears over the Next/Back arrows in your projects

The following steps detail how to update this information;

1. Export the XLIFF for the project  
2. Unzip the localization file for the language you want to update 
3. Use Ctrl + F to locate the following line of code in the file: "NAV_NEXT_BUTTON_TEXT" entity-type="localization" secondary-id=""><source><![CDATA[Next]]></source><target><![CDATA[Next]]></target>
4. Update 'Next' in the target field to the required translation: "NAV_NEXT_BUTTON_TEXT" entity-type="localization" secondary-id=""><source><![CDATA[Next]]></source><target><![CDATA[Suivant]]></target>
5. Save the change
6. Import the localization file back into the project 
7. Preview the project and switch to the required language 
8. When you hover over the Next arrow the translation will show

** to update the Back arrow text simply change the target field in "NAV_BACK_BUTTON_TEXT" (steps 3 & 4)