From the 20th November 2019

As part of the continued development of Gomo, we are pleased to announce that a revised version of our sharelink feature will be released on November 20th. 

What this will mean for you:

  • Increased preview speed (delivery)

  • All current sharelinks will be deactivated. You must create new links for courses that you wish to share with stakeholders.

  • A disclaimer will be shown on all new sharelink pages. The purpose of this is to highlight to stakeholders that this link is only for review purpose and is not a method of distributing courses.

  • When sharing courses with stakeholders, please only use the links generated in the sharelink pop-up. No other method of sharing course previews is supported.

  • A new refresh icon is available in previews. This should be used to ensure you see the latest build.

Please raise a support ticket titled ‘sharelink’ with any questions that you may have.

The Share project feature is a great way to allow colleagues and stakeholders the ability to review/test your projects. To enable sharing of your projects take the following steps; 


Right-click on the course you want to share in the main projects view and select Share project: 


Open the course you want to share, click on the Actions button at the top right of the Course structure view and select Share project:

Project Sharing > How to share a course for testing/reviewing

1. Set the Link active option to be ON

2. Select Continue

There are two methods of distributing your course 

  • Share link - you can send the URL to the person you want to share the course with. When they add the URL to a web browser the course will load
  • QR Code - if your colleague/stakeholder has a QR code reader app on a tablet/mobile then you can provide a copy/screenshot of the QR code. The course will load once they scan the QR code

Prompt when disabling: