Asset Description

The LikeRT asset will allow you to create LikeRT scale interactions for inclusion in your courses.  The asset can either be used as a poll or survey to determine Learner opinions from a question OR as a question within an assessment that has a specific correct answer  


1. Add a Likert asset to a screen in your course. Find the Likert asset in the ‘Question’ list & drag the asset into a content block in the screen

2. When using the asset you can configure your scale in the LIKERT SCALE ITEMS field (e.g. Very happy, Happy, Neutral, Unhappy, Very unhappy) 
3. Set the questions you want learners to respond to via the QUESTIONS TEXT field;
4. If you want to have one section of the scale as the correct answer to a question then you can set this via the CORRECT SCALE ITEM field 

5. If you are setting one section of the scale as a correct answer then you can also populate the FEEDBACK fields. You can either populate the Basic or Advanced feedback. Please note Advanced feedback allows you to link to a subscreen. You will need to add a subscreen to the screen containing the Likert scale to use this feature.


Number of attempts: The number of attempt a Learner can have to answer the question

Weighting: Specific to SCORM output but not mandatory. Certain LMS providers allow weighting values to be added to questions.  Weighted questions can be assigned greater value than non-weighted questions
Associated Question Text: Specific to SCROM 2004 & xAPI but not mandatory. This will display the question text in a SCORM 2004/xAPI output


ANSWER: Global Settings > Content Fonts > Body Text

LIKERT SCALE 1: Global Settings > Theme Colours > Primary colour

LIKERT SCALE 2: Global Settings > Theme Colours > Secondary colour

LIKERT QUESTION TEXT: Global Settings > Content Fonts > Body Text

LIKERT ANSWER TEXT: Global Settings > Content Fonts > Body Text   *please note that only the text colour of this setting can be updated

LIKERT BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Backgrounds > Screen content columns

CONFIRM BUTTON TEXT: Buttons > Fonts > Standard > Default

CONFIRM BUTTON TEXT (HOVER STATE): Buttons > Fonts > Standard > Hover

CONFIRM BUTTON BACKGROUND: Buttons > Backgrounds > Generic > Default

CONFIRM BUTTON BACKGROUND (HOVER STATE): Buttons > Backgrounds > Generic > Hover