Asset Description

Allows the end user to choose from a series of hotspots on an image, one of which is correct. 


1. Add a Hotspot Multiple Choice asset to a content block in your course

2. On the right hand side of the screen you will see the ‘HOTSPOT MULTIPLE CHOICE PROPERTIES’. From here you can add the images to be used in the asset. To add an image click on the 3 dots to the right of the image field

3. This will load a link to your Shared Content folder. From here search for and select the required images

4. Either double click on the asset or select Configure Hotspot MCQ to begin editing the asset

5. Use the Set co-ords button to drag hotspots into position over the image. Alternatively you can manually set the co-ordinates of each hotspot using the Top/Left fields

6. Set one of the Hotspots as the correct answer using the CORRECT radio buttons

7. Feedback Settings: You can either populate the Basic or Advanced feedback. Please note Advanced feedback allows you to link to a subscreen. You will need to add subscreens to the screen containing the Hotspot Multiple Choice asset to use this feature. 

General Question settings:

  • Number of attempts: The number of attempts a Learner can have to answer the question
  • Initial Incorrect Feedback: If the learner can have more than 1 attempt at answering the question you can select what feedback is shown if they answer question incorrectly
  • Use final feedback for all attempt responses: Tick this box to use the Final Feedback in all responses
  • Weighting: Specific to SCORM output but not mandatory. Certain LMS providers allow weighting values to be added to questions.  Weighted questions can be assigned greater value than non-weighted questions 
  • Associated Question Text: Specific to SCORM 2004 & xAPI but not mandatory. This will display the question text in a SCORM 2004/xAPI output


Related Theme Settings

HOTSPOT MULTIPLE CHOICE ASSET BACKGROUND: Global Settings > Backgrounds > Screen content columns