Asset Description

Allows the end user to choose from a series of images (two or more), one of which is correct. 


1. Add a Graphical Multiple Choice asset to a screen in your course. Find the Graphical Multiple Choice asset in the ‘Question list' & drag the asset into a content block in the screen

2. (OPTIONAL) Add 3 subscreens to that screen (one for each type of feedback: Initial Incorrect, Incorrect & Correct). To add a subscreen right-click on the screen title and select ‘Add subscreen’

3. (OPTIONAL) Add text assets to each of the subscreens and populate feedback for each scenario (Initial Incorrect, Incorrect & Correct)

4. (OPTIONAL) Use the Navigation and Tracking options in the subscreen properties to choose how the subscreen will appear. You can do this through the Subscreen Type and Alignment fields

5. On the main screen, Double-click on the Graphical Multiple Choice asset to begin adding/editing content 

6. This will load the Graphical Multiple Choice Content screen where you can edit the following details;


Number of attempts: The number of attempts a Learner can have to answer the question

Initial Incorrect Feedback: The subscreen that will appear when the learner answers a question incorrectly

Use final feedback for all attempt responses: Tick this option so that only the final feedback appears when a learner selects an incorrect answer

Weighting: Specific to SCORM output but not mandatory. Certain LMS providers allow weighting values to be added to questions.  Weighted questions can be assigned greater value than non-weighted questions
Associated Question Text: Specific to SCORM 2004 & xAPI but not mandatory. This will display the question text in a SCORM 2004/xAPI output


Correct: Tick to signify which answer is correct

Image: Select the images that will appear in the asset

Description (alt text): Description that will appear when mouse hovers over each image

FeedbackYou can either populate the Basic or Advanced feedback. Please note Advanced feedback allows you to link to a subscreen. You will need to add a subscreen to the screen containing the Text Input asset to use this feature