Asset Description

The Image Wall asset is an advanced image asset which enables end users to zoom in to an image to view it in more detail. 

1. Natural state

2. Hover over


1. Create two versions of the required image on your computer. 

    a. The standard Image used in the asset   

    b. The larger (zoomed) version

2. Add the asset by dragging and dropping the Zoomable image icon in the Assets list into a content block  

3. On the right hand side of the editor you will see the ZOOMABLE IMAGE PROPERTIES

4. From here you can select the two images used in the asset;

  • Image path: Standard Image used in the asset
  • Large version: The large image that will appear when the learner moves their cursor over the standard image

5. Select the 3 dots next to the image filenames to add images to each field

6. Select the images by dropping the files into the drop box OR searching for them on your computer via the 'Select file' button

7. Once you've added the images select the 'Start upload' button to complete the upload