When creating an Assessment using a Content Bank you have the option to 'Show only incorrect questions on quiz re-attempt'. Rather than forcing a Learner to retake an entire assessment, this option can be useful to focus a Learner's attention on questions they've answered incorrectly.

For this process to work the learner needs to be directed out of the Assessment topic before retaking the assessment.


NOTE: This article assumes you are familiar with the process for adding a Content Bank to course. For further details on this please view the following support video/article first: https://gomolearning.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/11000025774-question-banks-randomization

1. Add two Assessment topics to your course; 

  • a single screen topic - Assessment Introduction
  • an Assessment topic (containing the Content Bank Placeholder and Assessment Results asset) - Assessment¬†


2. In the Assessment topic - Open the Configure option in the Content Bank screen

3. Tick the highlighted option

4. Select the Assessment Results screen in the NAVIGATOR tab and add a Button asset

5. Add a Display Condition to the Button so that it only appears if the learner scores less than the assessment pass mark

6. Add an Action to the Button to direct the learner to the Assessment Introduction topic
If the learner fails the assessment in the 1st attempt they will be directed to the Assessment Introduction. When they return to Assessment only the incorrectly answered questions will show