Question Screen Locking is an effective way to ensure Learners engage with your content before moving screens. This is especially useful to ensure Learners answer questions that are mandatory for the course. Using Question Actions is a great way to achieve seamless transition between assessment screens. 
Here's how to set this up;
  • Open the Navigation And Tracking settings for the screen & untick the Next / Back options and any other method of navigating away from the screen 
  • Add an Action to the question asset to link to the next screen in the course

Design Tip: This feature works best without Question Final Attempt/Correct Feedback or Correct/Incorrect indicators being present. This ensures a smooth transition between screens once the learner has answered the question. To remove Question Feedback and Correct/Incorrect indicators please take the following steps;

  • Open the course theme settings and ensure the 'Topic Assessments' option is set to OFF                   

  • Open the question asset and ensure the Final Attempt Feedback & Correct fields are left blank