We have introduced a new validation when saving your content in the Gomo Editor. The Action Validation will provide information on any Actions within your course that are missing a value. If invalid actions are present in your course a warning message will provide details on their location. You have 2 available options;

1. Cleanup and save - This will automatically delete the invalid action and save

2. Save anyway - This will keep the invalid actions in your course and save

There are two sets of actions that will trigger this error message if they are not populated. You can tell an Action is not populated when the field shows Select...

Asset Actions

You can set Actions against interactable assets in Gomo via the asset PROPERTIES tab in the EditorĀ 

Please ensure that the Result field for each Action has been populated with a value

Navigation Actions

You can set Screen level actions to control the Next/Back arrows using the NAVIGATION AND TRACKING option in the SCREEN PROPERTIES field

Please ensure the Next and Back Action fields are both populated