1.Add a variable to the course via the Variables tab. (In this example I've added a variable called Play_Video_1 with a Default value of N)
2. Add an Audio asset to a screen with Autoplay ticked
3. Add a Button to the screen (named Play Video in this example)
4. Add two actions to the Button. The first will pause the audio when the button is clicked. The second will update the Variable value to be Y
5. Add the Video asset to the screen. (Also tick Autoplay)
6. Add a display condition to the video so that it only displays when the Play_Video_1 variable = Y
7. Add a "Play audio asset" action to the Video asset. Link this to the Audio asset and select Toggle
RESULT : The Audio file will autoplay when the screen loads . The video will not as it will only become active when the variable is updated. When the learner clicks the Play Video button it will pause the audio. The variable will update and the Video will become visible and begin playing. When the video completes the "Play audio asset" action will be triggered and the audio will play again