The visual design of Gomo has been around since 2014 and whilst we’ve added loads of features and capabilities to the product since then, the ‘look and feel’ has remained the same.  

Based on your highly-valued feedback, a desire to implement a modern design language and also improve the experience for new and existing users alike, we have implemented this brand new look and feel for Gomo Authoring. In addition to improving the existing product and features that you use today, the new UI also enables us to further extend the capabilities of Gomo as part of our ongoing development roadmap.

For a quick tour of the new interface, please do check out the overview video below to see the new UI in full flow, with narration provided by our very own Huw Edwards and his always warm tones!

A few changes you can expect to see:

A complete refresh of all modal windows, tidying elements and rethinking placements

A less technical, less intimidating editor

More images and simple animations

A new look for our course creation wizard

Join our webinar on July 30th for a complete walkthrough and hear why we felt it was time for a change and what there is to be excited about.

Something Exciting Is Coming!

A few ‘Small print’ items :-)

  • Although the Gomo Authoring and Accounts portal (launch pad) have received the new UI, Hosting will be updated in due course.

  • All existing features and functionality remain in place and it's worth noting that this update does not make any changes to the way data is saved or course packages are generated.

  • Post launch we will be working through updating the visuals on our website, blog articles, knowledge base and the new Gomo Academy.  Please bear with us as this will take some time.