Asset Description

The Tab asset allows you to show a number of icons & title headings on a screen. Each icon has text content associated with it. When you select one of the icons, the associated text content will display


Open the Presentation dropdown then drag & drop a Tab asset into a content block in your course. You can begin editing by double-clicking on the asset or by selecting Configure tabs in the TAB PROPERTIES field 


Tab appearance: Choose how the tab will display on screen from 3 options

Tab alignment: Set the location of the tabs within the asset 

Tab title: The title that will display for each tab

Tab icon: Choose from over 100 icons that can be associated with a tab

Tab content: The text content that is linked to a tab

Theme Settings

Tab border - Global Settings > Primary colour 

Tab Background (Active) - Global Settings > Secondary colour

Tab Background (inactive) - Buttons > Generic > Default

Tab Content - Global Settings > Body Text 

Tab Title & Icon Background > Global Settings > Screen Content Columns (With opacity automatically applied)

Tab Content Background > Global Settings > Screen Content Columns