When a Learner answers a question in Gomo you can customise the question feedback based on their response. Feedback can be presented in two ways; 

  • Basic - Feedback will appear from the bottom of the screen as a default Reveal subscreen. Only text can be added to Basic feedback and the subscreen display cannot be customised
  • Advanced - Allows you to link feedback to subscreen where additional assets can be added. You can customise the display of an Advanced subscreen

How to add a subscreen for use in Advanced Feedback

1. In the Gomo Editor > Right-click on the screen containing the question and select Add subscreen

2. Open the Subscreen and add Assets to it via the ASSETS tab.

3. Customise how the subscreen will display using the Subscreen settings options

    a. Subscreen Type: choose from Popup, Reveal or Popover

    b. Alignment: choose the direction form which the subscreen will display

4. Open the Question asset, select Advanced and link the subscreen to the required feedback. In this example we have linked the correct answer to the Subscreen

5. When the Learner answers the question the feedback will display