What is Bookmarking?

Bookmarking allows a Learner to return to the point they left off when relaunching a Gomo course from a Learning Management System (LMS)

How does it work in Gomo?

Bookmarking is enabled by default on all Gomo courses. There are however some instances where bookmarking has been disabled in topics by design; 
  • Menu topics
  • Single topic courses (where the topic has been selected in the Menu navigation icon)
  • Any topic containing an Assessment Results asset where the 'Is tracked assessment' option is ticked (this is to ensure Learners complete assessments in a single attempt)

How do you change the text in the Bookmark popup? 

You can edit the text in the Bookmarking popup. 

1. In the Course Structure screen, export the XLIFF file for the course by selecting Translation Export (XLIFF) in the Actions dropdown

2. Choose the target language for the XLIFF file. If you are changing the text in the current course language then set the Target Language field to match the Current Language field

3. Open the XLIFF zip, highlight the Localization file & extract the file from the zip. Save the file to your Device

4.  Open the extracted Localization file then use CTRL + F on your Keyboard to find the text you want to change. You will need to change the text in the target field 

5. Update with the text

6. Save the changes

7. In the Course Structure screen select Translation Import (XLIFF) in the Actions dropdown

8. Drop the updated Localization file into the Drop file area

9. The file will then be imported into the course

10. When you publish the course again and upload the SCORM file to your LMS the Bookmarking popup will be updated

Troubleshooting: "My course has an assessment but the learner can still relaunch the course part way through the assessment"

To Resolve: Ensure that the 'Is tracked assessment' option is ticked in the Assessment results asset in the assessment topic